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hello everyone , the new subject for this week is nostalgic…

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hello everyone , the new subject for this week is nostalgic christmas
which means charles dickens , white christmas , bing crosby , walking in a winter wonderland etc :)

* if you are entering you have to make a new icon for a challenge , premades are not allowed
* you can use texture bases (backgrounds patterns and such) but not ready made icon bases
* do not submit a twin icon i.e. an icon you've submitted to another challenge that looks identical or almost identical to the icon submitted here
* you and your icon must remain anonymous until after the challenge
* you cannot use the icon anywhere else until the challenge is over (not even on sites unrelated to livejournal)
* make sure your icon meets lj-requirements

* entries must be in by sunday the 25th of december ( preferably before that ;))

good luck and have fun creating ^_^

♥ xan
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On December 17th, 2005 09:20 pm (UTC), anais_dirge commented:
yay :D

♥ xan
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